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The laws around medicinal cannabis have not kept pace with the science and reflect a historic view of the substance an its use. It is time for laws which treat those using medicinal cannabis to improve their quality of life in a fair manner whilst also maintaining road safety. The two aims are not mutually exclusive.

Dr Joe Kosterich

Medical Advisor, Little Green Pharma
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It’s time to be kind and drive change for medicinal cannabis

Imagine having to choose between taking your legally prescribed medication and going to work,doing the school run or getting the shopping that week. Yes, week. This is the stark reality for many Australian medicinal cannabis patients because of the discriminatory drug-driving laws that still exist in most states. Current laws penalise the mere presence of […]

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Working and driving rights are human rights

If your prescribed medicine prevents you from driving and working, what does that mean for your human rights? The UK’s Cannabis Industry Council released a report this week into workplace issues for medicinal cannabis patients who are regarded as disabled under UK work, health and safety laws. Despite its specificity, it is a worthwhile read […]

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