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Medical Cannabis and Driving in Australia
If you take cannabis* medicine as prescribed you cannot legally drive.
* medical cannabis containing THC
The approximate number of active legal medical cannabis patients in Australia.
The number of medical cannabis patients that have some THC in their medication and therefore cannot drive, legally.
The approximate number of roadside tests for cannabis each year in Australia.
"The current drug driving regime with relation to cannabis is both nonsensical and discriminatory. It is nonsensical because it is a waste of money and there is no evidence it improves road safety. It is discriminatory in that it targets those using a single, legal medicine only - cannabis. We need to drive change". - Adjunct Professor David Heilpern LLB LLM
The Impact
Presence does not correlate to impairment. Thousands of people are disadvantaged by current drug driving laws.
There's no evidence that suggests roadside testing has made Australian roads safer.
Cannabis is the only legally prescribed medication for which you lose your license when testing positive for presence, not impairment.
Current laws deter patients from medical cannabis and heightens anxiety for those who drive.
Current drug driving laws fail to improve road safety, discriminate against medical cannabis patients and impede public health outcomes.
The Proposed Solution
Equal rights for legal medical cannabis patients.

The government implements Australia-wide uniform drug driving laws to allow for a complete defence to the presence of THC in a driver’s oral fluid or blood when:

  • The driver has a valid doctor’s prescription for a medicine  containing THC;
  • The offence does not involve dangerous or reckless driving; and
  • An officer cannot establish driver impairment.
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A Dead End for Ineffective Drug Driving Laws
Let's make road safety, equality and public health the focuses of our laws.
nathan davis executive director medreleaf australia drive change

Our GPs are continually frustrated by the current driving laws that prevent them from offering a safe and effective alternative to commonly prescribed and sedating compounds such as opioids and benzodiazepines. We need to have confidence that GPs are more than capable of managing a patients therapy, whether the patient wishes to drive to work or otherwise.

Nathan Davis

Executive Director, MedReleaf Australia
tammy franks greens mlc drive change south australia

Our current drug driving laws have failed to improve road safety and unfairly discriminate against thousands of people by imposing a grossly disproportionate punishment regime against individuals and impeding broader public health outcomes. Patients should not have to choose between medicine or mobility.

Tammy Franks

Greens, MLC

Current driving laws, surrounding cannabis, are extremely prohibitive to its use in medical practice. Many patients don’t want to proceed due to risking their licence or their independence. The mere presence of THC, and not any associated impairment, is flatly discriminatory and stigmatises an emerging therapy.

Joel Wren

VP, Society of Cannabis Clinicians AU

“Penalties for roadside drug testing for cannabis are far more severe than for drivers with a positive random breath test for alcohol. Loss of a driving licence is a very severe penalty for people with serious health problems who require frequent medical care and people living in rural areas.”

Dr. Alex Wodak AM

President, Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation

“Entoura is supporting the Drive Change campaign as the restrictions on driving whilst taking medicinal cannabis is one of the top two reason why many Australian are not accessing quality medicines that may significantly improve their quality of life. Equalising the state of play with other prescription medications is paramount for increasing access and the resultant positive social impact.”

Clare Barker

General Manager, Entoura
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