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Patients taking cannabinoid-based medicines are no different to those taking ARTG listed medications with similar if not more significant side-effects affecting cognitive functioning. These are people with livelihoods, jobs, perhaps children, and other responsibilities that depend on their freedom to drive. There is no reason why these people shouldn’t have the same freedoms as those taking other medications, so long as they are not intoxicated to the point of impairment.

Tyson Craig

General Manager, Cronos Australia
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Answering Cannabis Law FAQ

With cannabis available via a prescription in Australia since 2016, both doctors and patients are increasingly more likely to consider it as part of a healthcare practice. Medicinal cannabis is already widely prescribed for conditions including PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Although the health industry generally agrees with its medicinal merits, the driving laws […]

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Dr Teresa Towpik: “Ignorance Isn’t Bliss, Knowledge Is.”

This article is written by Drive Change ambassador Dr. Teresa Towpik. Below, she shares her experience with the drug driving laws from the standpoint of a medicinal cannabis doctor and patient. January 2016–what a month it was for me.  I didn’t realise it then, but this would mark the beginning of a new chapter in […]

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